Are you planning a visit to the auto repair shop? Your experiences at a car repair shop largely depend on how you choose one.

Whether you need an oil change or to fix brakes, there’s no denying that auto repairs prevent unexpected breakdowns and lowers running costs. As the global automotive aftermarket industry grows to over $700 billion, there’s an increased demand for preventative maintenance by car owners. It’s also becoming difficult to find a reliable auto repair technician with these rising demands.

Here are seven questions you should arm yourself with when looking for the best auto repair shop in Parkesburg PA:

1. Are You Accredited and Reputable?

Ask the auto repair mechanic about their Better Business Bureau rating before hiring them. They should provide an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certificate as proof of accreditation. You should also verify their membership in credible automotive associations such as the Automotive Service Association.

2. What Auto Repair Options Do I Have?

Find out about the possible repair solutions that the mechanic offers for your car. This question will help you understand the repair options at hand and make a sound decision. The best mechanic is one that provides towing services to get your vehicle to their shop.

3. How Long Will the Repair Take?

Ask for a time estimate for the repair before leaving your vehicle at the auto repair shop. The job might take a few hours or several days, depending on the resources available and the extent of repair. Hold the mechanic to the date they give to ensure that they deliver your vehicle in time.

4. Will You Provide Written Estimates and a Detailed Invoice?

Ask for a well-written report with a diagnosis of the problems limiting your car’s mobility. You should also seek a detailed estimate of the total repair costs.

The best auto repair shop offers free estimates to allow you to weigh your options. Find out whether the mechanic offers detailed invoices to their customers when the job is done.

5. Have You Worked on Cars with Similar Makes or Model as Mine?

Auto repair shops specialize in different types of vehicles depending on their mechanics’ qualifications. Ask them whether they are familiar with the problem your car is experiencing. The goal here is to get your vehicle back to its normal working order without experiencing mishaps.

6. Will I Choose the Repair Parts?

The mechanic may allow you to either choose used parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Though they are more expensive, OEM parts come with a warranty and work better than used ones. On the other hand, used parts help you save up to 75 percent on auto repair parts.

7. Do You Offer Warranty on Labor and Repair Parts

Only hire an auto repair mechanic that offers a warranty on new parts for durability. They should give you free additional services if the parts fail in a specified timeframe.

Though warranties vary with the shop, they last for 12,000 miles or 12 months. Stipulations on the warrantied timeframe depend on the state you are based.

Looking for the Best Auto Repair Shop?

It should now be less daunting to find the best auto repair shop once you read this guide. These factors can help improve your experience at the shop as a customer.

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