As the days become colder and the darkness of night arrives earlier and earlier, now is the time to start preparing your car for fall. While the fall season brings with it many delights, such as Halloween and the start of the football season, it is also necessary to take extra precautions as a motorist at this time of year. This is where auto repair shops can help

Roads will be especially slippery at this time of year, and all-around visibility will be reduced compared to the summer months. There is also the chance of ice and snow which can affect driving conditions significantly. Therefore, ensuring your car is ready for the Fall weather is of the utmost importance.

This blog post will highlight some certified auto repair shop tips to get ready for cold weather. So read on!

Check Your Car’s Tires

Your tires are the only thing that connects your car with the road, so they should always be kept in good condition. This is especially true around this time of year, given that road conditions are often poor due to rain, fallen leaves, ice, and snow.

Check the overall condition, inflation, and tread of your tires. Also, check to see that the tires are wearing evenly. If you live in an area that often has snow and ice, you may need to switch to snow tires.

Check the Heater

With the colder weather arriving, you won’t want to be without your car’s heater and defroster. It is dangerous to drive with a fogged windshield as it increases the chances of an accident. If any of the components require repair, now is the time to take them to an auto repair shop.

Check the Lights

You will likely spend more time driving with your lights on in the fall season than in the summertime.

Talk a walk around your car and check that all of your lights are working correctly. These include headlights, brake lights, taillights, and flashers. If necessary, replace any blown-out bulbs before making a long journey.

Colder Season Supplies

It’s good to have a supply of useful items in your car’s trunk to ensure that you are prepared should anything go wrong. These items include an ice scraper, first aid kit, gloves, flashlight, jumper cables, and a blanket.

Other essential checks on your car include the fluid levels, the belts and hoses, the brakes, the battery, and the tread on your tires.

Auto Repair Shop Tips for Fall

Whether driving to work each day or dropping your children off at school, safety must always be paramount when driving your car. The above tips are designed to prepare your vehicle for the colder, darker season that lies ahead.

To ensure that you are fully prepared, check your car in for a service at JV Repairs and Customz, your trusted auto repair shop. Contact our professional and experienced team today for affordable auto repair.

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