Did you know that brake failures cause about 300,000 car crashes each year?

We all hate when our brakes make an embarrassing, squealing noise.

You don’t want to become another number in this statistic. Some brake sounds may be normal, but there are certain noises that mean you are in need of brake repair. It’s important to act fast when you hear these noises and bring your car in for a repair before it’s too late.

Read on to learn about five common causes of brake noises that mean you need brake repair.

Brakes Are Worn Out

Brake pads aren’t built to last forever. Your brake pad lining material can become worn out. Front brakes can wear out in two years, while rear brakes can wear out in four years.

Driving habits can play a part in speeding up the wear and tear of your breaks. And, some brake pads are actually made to squeak when they are getting run down. If you hear a grinding noise, this is a good indication that the lining material is really running down low and they should be checked by a mechanic immediately.

Try to put brake repair costs out of your head on this one. If they need to be checked and repaired, doing so can save you from having a bigger issue or accident.

Uneven Rotor Surface

Your car’s rotor surface can become uneven through natural wear and tear. Whether the car was carrying a heavy load or braked a lot, heat can build up and warp its rotors.

Once those rotors start becoming uneven, they start making sounds. You will most likely have to have your rotors resurfaced or replaced.

Issue With Brake Pad Material

There could be an issue with the brake pad material itself. These materials come in a range of qualities.

If you have brake pads made out of cheaper material, they are more likely to make more noise. They’ll still stop your car when you need them too, but they will not have the smooth stopping power of higher quality brake pads.

Faulty Installation

Sometimes, the root of the noise issue is poor installation. Maybe your brakes are missing hardware, shims, or caliper slides. Brake pads are difficult to install, and if done incorrectly, all of the parts will not move properly, leaving you with noisy brakes.

It’s common for shims to be forgotten during installation. Shims absorb vibrations from the brakes, so if you don’t have them, those vibrations will make a lot of noise.

Issue With Calipers

Brake bad calipers that have missing or faulty hardware can make the pressure applied by those calipers to be uneven. Consequently, this will cause the brakes to wear out unevenly.

Not only does this cause noise, but it will also cause poor braking. If you suspect this may be the root of your noise issue, you should look into brake repair ASAP.

Bottom Line: Pay Attention to Brake Noises

Brake noises may be embarrassing, but they can also be a sign of an issue with your brake parts. Don’t hesitate to bring your car to a mechanic for brake repair if you suspect there is an issue.

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