Are you looking for a new auto body shop because you’ve moved? Considering that the right auto repair shop can save you hundreds in the long run, it’s worth spending some time on this. If you are wondering how you should find the right auto body shop for you considering the hundreds that show up on your web search, we have the guide for you here. Keep reading!

1. Always Go with Referrals First

There’s a reason why customer reviews have become so popular both online and offline. We trust someone more when they come with a referral. This applies to new friends and new auto repair shops. Don’t forget to ask your friends, family, and colleagues for referrals to good body shops. They have used body shops in the past and can be honest about their experience with you.

2. Don’t Forget to Shop Around

It might take a bit more time, but try to shop around for estimates when first looking for an auto body shop. Go to several recommended body shops and ask them for estimates for the same repair, so you can compare and contrast. You will notice that there might be a huge gap in the estimates. It could be as wide as $500 to $1000.

3. Gauge the Location and Relationship

Once you have referrals and estimates, start analyzing your auto shop from different angles. Where are they located? What would their overheads be in such a location? If they are located in a downtown area, they will obviously have to jack up the prices to cover their high rent and other expenses.

Also, look at the way their space is organized. Is it messy or clean? How well do they treat the other customers that walk in? Do customers look relieved or annoyed to be there? Are they friendly with each other or do they treat each other as enemies? All this should give you a better idea of which auto body shop is best for you.

4. Trust Your Gut

Finally, you will need to gather all the information and make an intuitive leap. Which auto repair shop is your gut telling you to go for? There will one that will stand out above the rest. Once you have the answer, try out the auto repair shop for a few months. See what your personal experience is like. If you are satisfied, stick with them. If not, go through the process again and recalibrate.

Find the Right Auto Body Shop for Your Specific Needs

Everyone is going to vibe differently with their auto body shop. And everyone’s going to need different things from their auto repair shop. That’s why you can’t rely completely on referrals. Just because your aunt’s cousin’s brother says that this auto shop is the best doesn’t mean that you will think the same.

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