Is your engine light flashing?

If so, definitely don’t ignore it. When your check engine light is flashing, there’s a chance that your engine could be misfiring. Left unchecked, this could be a problem for your car down the road.

Learn all about a check engine light flashing below.

Why Is My Engine Light Flashing?

Your engine light could be flashing for a few reasons. This light is part of your car’s on-board diagnostic system which is controlled by the car’s computer. In this database, your car stores a number of “trouble codes” to let you know what’s wrong with it.

Assuming your car is somewhat new, your OBD system should be equipped with a number of different sensors. These lights on the dashboard detect things like engine misfires, bad fuel injection, unusual electricity voltages, and more.

Basically, your car is trying to alert you that something wrong could potentially be affecting your engine.

What Should You Do About It?

Sometimes, a check engine light blinking will take place once then stop. The computers in your car do try to correct the system, so this could mean things were taken care of. In this case, you’re probably okay to just monitor the car and see how it performs.

However, if the situation continues, you need to take it to a mechanic. Mechanics have devices they can plug into your car’s computer to find out exactly what the problem is. Some do it for free, but just getting the scan usually costs a few bucks.

An engine light flashing could mean there are broken wires, torn hoses, loose electrical connections, or something else that could damage your car or cause it to overheat.

At that point, you have a choice. You can let them repair it or choose to do it yourself. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t handle anything electric unless you really know what you’re doing.

Intermittent Flashing Vs. Continuous Flashing

Your check engine light flashing when accelerating means it’s only flashing intermittently. If this is the case, the problem your car is experiencing may not be critical. A connection may be loose or something in the electric system may need repairing. Even though it’s drivable, it’s probably still good to take it in.

Continuous flashing means there’s a real problem. Whatever’s wrong could cause serious long-term damage to your engine if you don’t get it looked at. Take it in as soon as you can and stop driving it until it’s fixed.

Solid Illumination

If the light isn’t flashing and is just on and not flashing, you still need to take it in. The problem will do harm if you neglect it. Perhaps one of your filters has failed or something else is going on.

The average cost to fix a car in most states is about $400. This might sound steep, but you only risk increasing the costs if you wait.

Time to See a Mechanic?

An engine light flashing is a sign that your car needs servicing. Continuous flashing or solid illumination means you need to take the car in as soon as you can. If it’s just intermittent, you can probably monitor it for a while first.

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