Sometimes, it seems like getting and maintaining a car is one huge headache after another. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as long as you do regular maintenance, and watch out for telltale signs of needing repair.

One of these signs is when your brakes are squeaking. They aren’t doing that to annoy you, or to prevent you from experiencing the fullness of your music selection. The squeaky brakes are trying to tell you something is wrong.

Like a baby cries when they want attention or food, brakes squeak when they need repair or maintenance of some kind. Instead of pumping up your radio higher, the better idea would be to go to your regular repair person and ask them to take a look.

Read on to see three reasons for squeaky brakes.

Your Brakes Are Squeaking to Get Your Attention and Loving Care

What does it mean when your brakes squeak? There are three main reasons to consider.

1. Worn Brake Pads

This is most likely the reason for squeaky brakes if you have an older vehicle. Because of wear and tear, your brake pads might have worn down, so that they aren’t performing their duties properly.

The metal pads have brake pads on them, to prevent them from damaging the brake rotors, by rubbing directly upon them. Thus, the brakes are squeaking to actually help you out – to prevent damaged brake rotors.

2. Rusted Brake Rotor

The brake rotors through consistent and persistent use might wear down as well. This causes the squeaky brakes that are causing you worries. It might be due to rust, or dust, or dirt and debris, which can be easily filed off by your mechanic.

This is again a great sign for you to use to prevent further problems with your brakes and your car. Instead of spending hundreds to replace brake rotors, you could spend much less to replace your brake pads.

3. Braking Hard

There is a tendency in today’s fast-paced world to overuse our brakes, by speeding up and braking hard. Doing this repeatedly causes the brakes to squeal, as a sign that you need to stop overdoing it with the aggressive driving, and slow down a bit.

But it could also happen when someone brakes hard in front of you, causing you to brake hard, and your car brakes screeching scarily. Be careful to keep an eye out on the road, rather than on your phone, and become a more careful driver to avoid this.

Take Squeaky Brakes as a Sign for an Inspection and Service

Don’t ignore your squeaky brakes. You might worry that your brakes are squeaking because of an expensive reason. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take your car to a mechanic asap, and ensure that you get your brakes looked at. It’s better to spend a few dollars right now, rather than hundreds of dollars later.

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